Random House Pitch Update

Written By: DonnaKeeley - Oct• 14•14

I was told in the pitch meeting with Random House that I would hear something within 1-2 months. That was on July 26. As September 26 came and went and we headed into October I was pretty sure they weren’t going to accept my book.

Sure enough on October 6 I received an email informing me they would not be moving forward with my submission.

Now I have to point out that I was already expecting a rejection but there was something good about it. The editor who reviewed my story had some really good points to make about the flow. Even though Having a Whaley of a Time has already been published, I took those suggestions to heart and will keep them in mind with the rest of the series.

This is more than spinning a negative into a positive, this is an opportunity to get feedback that can help you with your writing. Granted not everyone is going to love the concept, just like we all have different tastes in music and movies. But constructive criticism should always be embraced. Yes, it hurts to be rejected but if there is a kernel of meaning you can take away from the rejection then it should soften the blow.

If the reviewer is willing to give professional advice on your work, even in a rejection letter/email, learn from it. You just got free advice from someone in the industry and that is invaluable.

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