So Much for Once a Month

Written By: DonnaKeeley - Jun• 22•14


Obviously I didn’t make my “once a month” promise. As the great Art Linkletter said (and I love to quote): “Life is what happens when you make other plans.” And boy, is that ever true.

The Kickstarter was a total and complete failure. Didn’t get anywhere near what I needed to publish. Then again, books are boring compared to 3D Printers, game apps, or caged dice; some books make it on Kickstarter, especially if the author has a large group of friends and family. I don’t have that, so my donations were made by four people and added up to $160 (I was trying to get $3000).  After the Kickstarter campaign I tried to get a grant to publish at least one of the two books I have in the pipeline, but that was also a fail.

When you fail you have two choices, you can give up or you can keep going. I choose to keep going. Failure just means that the idea I tried didn’t work and it’s time to try something else.

Do I get frustrated? Yes.
Do I feel failure? Of course.
Do I think about trying the “normal” route to publishing? Sometimes.
I can handle rejection but the publishing industry doesn’t know what is “good” any more than the independents. Plus I like having control over my product.
Do I consider giving up? Never.

I believe in my books and in the smaller publishing format. I believe that people are looking for stories that aren’t 600 pages long. I believe there is an audience for my writing. I just have to persevere and get more books published, and I admit that by paying for professional editing and formatting I’m putting up my own obstacles compared to those who simply upload to Amazon. However the reason I do that is because I consider myself a professional and I want my readers to have a professional book that stands up to anything sold by Random House or McMillian. It is my respect for the craft of writing a book that I’m willing to “pay to play”.

Stay tuned because I promise I’m formulating a snarky response to the Salon article that chastises “adults” for reading YA fiction.

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