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Written By: DonnaKeeley - Jan• 02•14

New Year's Eve 0044

Happy New Year and all that stuff. Starting with a clean slate for 2014; divorce is done, Kickstarter is happening this month, and I have more books to publish.

Short post this time, but full of good stuff. After returning home from my Christmas holiday with family I was scrolling through FaceBook when I found a link to a blog that reiterated much of what I rant about here. It’s by author Kristen Lamb called Five Mistakes KILLING Self-Published Authors. Highlights include:

  • Publishing too soon, without a professional edit
  • Not understanding the business of publishing or that publishing is a business
  • Too much marketing not enough writing
  • Assuming the masses will make them a best-selling author despite being unknown

Kristen also uses my favorite point of people who don’t know what they don’t know. I’ve met many people who think they understand everything there is to know about self-publishing but have trouble comprehending when I started talking about ISBNs, marketing tactics, press releases, etc. They critique or even disparage the writing of other authors yet they have not read those other authors or can define story arc, character arc, or plot devices.

Another piece of advice is to know the rules before you start breaking them. Case in point, my character Shannon has several cliched lines that my editor pointed out to me. However, since that is how she talks I kept them in; that is her “voice” and part of her personality. When I’m focused on writing, the characters start acting on their own and I’m furiously typing to keep up with what they are saying. It becomes more taking dictation that writing. I also took the hardest route by writing in first person instead of third person. Third person allows you to skip to other locations and characters, hear what others are thinking, and gives you multiple ways to expand your story. First person limits your storytelling to one character and everything is tinged by that character’s thoughts and emotions. It can be a very cramped place to write from – but then I enjoy a challenge.

I’m hoping to try and contribute to this blog more often this year. Ultimately I’d like to post once a week, but it may be more like once a month. New year and a fresh start, I hope circumstances allow me to do more writing and publishing.


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