To Market, To Market

Written By: DonnaKeeley - Jul• 14•13

Long delay, I know. Had many family events to get through and San Diego Comic-Con starts next week. Which leads me to my current discussion about marketing.

Writing a book and publishing it are great accomplishments. Never think for a moment that they are not incredible goals to achieve. However, how are people going to want to buy your book if they don’t know about it? The same goes for movies, music, and games. Marketing entertainment is a HUGE investment of time and money (lots and lots of money), so how can you do this when self-publishing?

An immediate answer is social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+). Creating a web page for your book, tweeting about updates, and generally getting information out on the web can all help. My personal goal for the Paranormal Mystery Facebook page ( is to try and post 2-5 times per week – and not all of it is JUST about the next book or writing frustrations/triumphs. If you’ve been to the site you know I post a lot of pictures of cats, especially ones from For the Love of Black Cats (Black Cat Appreciation Page) since Styx is a black cat and he wants to help his brothers and sisters who are waiting for adoption. But the pictures help because people who like cats will like the book (I hope).

I’m not a big Twitter user (I have a lot more to say than 140 characters) but I’m sure I’ll be making some while I’m wandering around Comic-Con. This year I will be sporting a Professional badge and I plan to use my time talking to people about my series and giving away copies of the book to people I think can help get the word out. Yes I paid over $2000 to have 300 copies printed and shipped to my home but since they are not selling I plan to use them to generate interest. Especially with the next book close to being finished.

I also had 1000 flyers printed up so I can put them out on the “freebie table” at the con. With 130,000 attending the convention that is potentially 130,000 new readers for my book. I don’t expect a huge increase in book sales during and after the con, but it should hopefully give me a bump.

None of these tactics can match the marketing campaigns of the Big 6 publishing houses, who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote the latest Dan Brown novel, but focused marketing can yield some book sales. And again, submitting your book to reviewers who are willing to read and critique your work is another way to get the word out. Just remember that it will take work (I received 2 acceptances to my 15 requests for a review) because as a publisher you now wear all the hats in the business over and above “writer”.

Remember, snatching that golden idol wasn’t a stroll in the park for Indiana Jones.


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