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Ch…Ch…Ch…Changes In eBook Purchasing

A lot of people read their books electronically these days. A lot. In 2011 reported that they had sold more e-books than physical books. So obviously a good marketing campaign should include e-books alongside the physical books, for old people like me. (Although, I do own a Nook because I’m gadget-crazy.) But the one […]

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Why Self-Publish?

See this picture? This is a book liquidation store. I never, ever want to see my book in such a place. Liquidation companies buy out warehouses of leftover, non-selling books for pennies on the dollar and then open very bare-bones stores to sell the inventory. I actually bought the first two Harry Potter books in […]

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In the Beginning…

…there was the blank page. And the Author wrote words upon it and saw that they were good. That was the easy part. Once the words were edited, revised, edited again, sent to friends and family for draft review, edited again, proofed and formatted they were sent to the Printer to be bound in a […]

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